Active Directory Synchronisation


Employees in EVA Check-In can be automatically updated from your Active Directory so visitors can select the employee to notify when they check-in. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management service and works in conjunction with your local AD. 

There are two flavours of AD Sync in EVA Check-In

  • Azure AD Sync that accesses the version of your Active Directory available in Microsoft Azure
  • Local AD Sync that accesses your on premises Active Directory

We recommend using Azure AD Sync, if your organisation has it, because it is simpler to set up. Local AD Sync requires installation of our Windows AD Sync agent on your network but it gives more filtering of people added to your EVA Check-In Employee table.

All existing employees entered manually in the Employees table will be removed automatically and you will not be able to add new records manually – only Active Directory employee records will be allowed to be used to ensure there is a single source of truth. 

Azure Active Directory sync setup

Buy AD Sync option

In the EVA Check-in portal select either Azure Active Directory sync or Local Active Directory sync, then 'Buy AD sync'. Prices for this standard add-on are found here.

Linking account 

Use the button in the first panel of the Azure AD sync settings page

Enter a Microsoft login that will be used to access your Azure AD. Authenticate this account and then wait a few seconds for EVA Check-In to estabish access.  If it is successful the button will be displayed as

If the linking failed you will need to examine the settings for your Microsoft account

  • Your organisation security settings may need our app to be registered.
  • The account wil need read all and offline permissions. You can find out more about this here

Advanced settings

Use advanced settings to configure synchronisation details. AD Sync needs to be configured for each site. Make sure you set the correct Office location for your site.

Test Employees are populated from your Active Directory

In Advanced settings you will usually have Sync type = Automated. For the first Sync you might wish to manually trigger the Sync but setting Sync type = Manual, then use the Sync now button to initate a synchronisation.  

Wait a few seconds, then Refresh log in the Sync status panel to check the Sync was successful. Status will be Completed.


To remove all Employee entries for a site, select all available 'excluded user types' in the drop down. Then Sync now to remove Employees.

Local Active Directory sync setup

Download the AD Sync Assistant from the Active Directory sync settings page, or here

Follow the embedded instructions to set up the AD Sync Assistant.