Bookings overview

EVA Bookings lets staff or members of the public book any kind of resource via a fast and secure online portal.

Administrators can see and manage bookable resources, view and re-send bookings, and get in touch with all those booked.

Different booking scenarios

Bookings can be set up for hot desks, appointment times, car parks, equipment, special deliveries, EV charging + more. It’s very flexible! You can even use bookings on a kiosk. Check out our detailed guides for different booking scenarios (more guides coming soon):

Booking appointments

Booking car parks

Get in touch if you're wondering if EVA Bookings could help in your scenario.

Key concepts in bookings

The building blocks for bookings are Resources, Resource Types, Visitor Types, the Bookings Screens, and the Who is Coming admin page.


A resource is a bookable item and can represent a singular thing (eg a hot desk) or multiple (eg a pod of 10 hot desks).  Each resource has its own settings (some common ones listed below).

Resource type

Every resource has a resource type. You must create at least one resource type before you create a resource. Resource type settings determine:

  • the booking screens experience, including the text displayed on booking screens and how resources are allocated
  • whether weekend bookings are available
  • how far in advance can bookings be made

Typically, a resource type would be created for each set of resources where these settings are the same - eg appointment, car park, desk

Visitor type

A visitor type is automatically created along with each resource type and defines the information that must be provided when booking - eg company name, car registration.

Booking screens

Booking screens include a home page that lists all the resource types available to book and provides space for instructions.

Once a user selects the resource type they then enter their details and select the date and time of their booking.  They can make multiple bookings in the same session and get an email confirmation afterwards that includes a link to edit/cancel their booking. 

Who is coming

Use the Who is coming screen to filter, view and manage bookings. You can also send notifications/messages to booked visitors via this page.

Common resource settings


Every bookable resource has a capacity. Capacity refers to the number of a bookable resource that can be booked - eg number of appointments per slot, number of car parks or desks.

A default capacity can be set - either every bookable day or on a schedule:

You can also override the default capacity on specific days using the "capacity by date" setting.

Arrival prompting

Arrival prompting allows you to send an email or SMS message (additional charges apply) if a person who is booked is late, to check whether they still plan to take up their booking, and provide the opportunity to release their booking.

This setting uses check-in to validate whether someone has arrived. Turn on arrival prompting by resource - 

Arrival prompt messages are set by resource type - see the Templates tab.

Bookable time range

In many cases resources are only bookable between certain hours. Use the bookable time range to set the times when this item can be selected.

How to change the details you collect from visitors

When a new booking resource type is created, a corresponding "Bookings" visitor type is also created.

To change the details you collect from visitors - eg you may not need to collect car registration (on by default) - edit the relevant bookings visitor type.

Booking security and validation

EVA Bookings has the following security and validation measures in place:

  • Booking email addresses are checked using an advanced validation system. This checks for throwaway emails like [email protected] and common spelling mistakes like, improving email delivery of booking confirmation and reducing support
  • Your booking page is protected from bot bookings with Google’s latest reCAPTCHA service (this does not require any additional input such clicking ‘I’m not robot’ or finding all ‘images that contain trucks’) Your booking page is protected with the CloudFlare Web Application firewall which prevents common attacks including DDOS
  • You can optionally select to PIN protect the bookings pages.
  • EVA Check-in is ISO27001 certified

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