Procore integration

Procore integration allows you to connect an EVA Check-in site to a Procore project. Track and report on visitor, staff and contractor check-ins directly in Procore’s Daily Manpower and Visitor Logs - reducing manual admin and data entry, and making record-keeping and compliance straightforward.

Benefits of Procore integration

  • Automatically send contractor/company check-in data to the Manpower Log so proof of time spent on site can be reviewed against time-based billing
  • Capture ‘reason for visit’ and sync to the Manpower and Visitor logs
  • Link check-in locations to Project locations for detailed reporting
  • Keep data clean, using the Procore company directory when workers check-in
  • Manage online inductions, SWMS collections, and collect permits to work and competencies
  • Record on-site incidents and manage on-site emergency communications

How to set up Procore integration

Step 1 – download & install the EVA Check-in app

Go to the EVA Check-in app on the Procore marketplace.

Log in to your Procore account to install:

Once you’ve logged into Procore, you’ll see this screen. Click Install.

You’ll see a message confirming your installation is successful.

You can add permitted projects at this point (or skip and add them later):

Step 2 – enable integration in EVA Check-in

  • Go to Account > Integrations > Procore
  • Click Enable
  • Enter your Procore company ID:

Step 3 – connect EVA site to your Procore project

  • Click Add
  • Click the edit button to change the details for the Procore integration you’ve created. 

  • Optionally track visitor types in the Procore “Manpower log”, exclude those visitor types from the visitor log if you wish, and add a reason for visit or other info in the “Manpower log” comment template.

Step 4 – test your integration in EVA Check-in

  • In the EVA Check-in admin portal, go to Check-in
  • Click Manual check-in and enter your test check-in details 
  • Enter your company (needs to be a company listed in the Project Directory in Procore) – if “Manpower log” visitor type is set up in the step above.
  • Fill in the ‘reason for visit’
  • Check out

Step 5 – test your integration in Procore

  • Go to the relevant Procore Project and to Project Tools > Reports
  • Scroll down to Daily Log Reports and go to Daily Log Manpower Report. You should see your manual check-in (if you have set up a “Manpower log” visitor type in EVA Check-in).
  • Check Daily Log Visitor Report for your manual check-in.

Extra for experts: copy site configuration

It's possible to copy an existing Procore site configuration to a new site/project - helping speed things up when you've got multiple sites on the go or new ones starting up.

To do this, at Step 3 above, select the site in EVA that you want to copy the Procore config for.

The following configuration items will be copied to the new site.

Please note, only matching visitor types will be copied as "Manpower log" visitor types. If the new site doesn't have the listed visitor types set up, they wont be copied across.