Create an IN/OUT board with EVA Check-In and SharePoint

Use EVA Check-in to create an in/out board that is accessed in Microsoft Teams and/or SharePoint

  • Updates live as people check in and out of your site
  • Display your board as cards or a list
  • Access your board on SharePoint or Teams
  • Set up is easy – we provide the Power Automate package

The board can be displayed in different ways – e.g. as cards or a list.


How it works


  1. Person checks in with EVA Check-in.
  2. Check-In webhook triggers Power Automate flow.
  3. Power Automate updates or adds an entry into SharePoint list, updates the status to ‘In’.
  4. SharePoint list shows all people in list.

How to set up


Follow the steps below to set up the three components.


  • Access to SharePoint including permission to add and maintain lists
  • Permission to create Power Automate flows. Try using
  • Customer administrator user role in EVA Check-in, to be able to set up integrations
  • Basic SharePoint and Power Automate skills

Step 1: Set up SharePoint list with the following columns

Step 2: Create Power Automate flow

  • We provide a Power Automate package – request this from [email protected]
  • Import this package into your Power Automate account.
  • Resolve validation errors for the connectors (the connectors O365 and SharePoint connectors need to be re-validated against your Office 365 account and your SharePoint list)

Summary of flow steps

Step 3: Set up webhooks in EVA Check-In

Copy the HTTP Post url from your Power Automate flow

Create a new webhook in EVA Check-In: Account Settings > Integrations > Webhooks 

Paste the Power Automate url into the webhook settings

The Power Automate flow deals with both check-in and check-out webhooks so add both webhook events.


Test your In/Out board works

The webhook is simple to test. Check people in with their organisation email address.

The SharePoint list will update accordingly. You can troubleshoot the flow runs within Power Automate.