EVA's dedicated evacuation feature allows you to easily evacuate everyone on-site - including staff, visitors and contractors. 

Quick guide - how to run an evacuation drill in EVA Check-in

1. Set up on-site alerts

Set up messages ready to send to anyone who's checked in. This might include:

  • a warning that a drill is planned for that day
  • evacuation/assembly instructions once the drill (or real evacuation) is under way

Go to Site information > Options to set up your alert messages and notification method.

2. Update roles and kiosk devices, if necessary

A couple more pre-evacuation checks to make:

  • Make sure your kiosk app is up to date.
  • Make sure your wardens have the receptionist or admin role in EVA Check-in, or know how to access the kiosk evacuation feature (no role required). 

3. Sound the alarm and start the drill

In EVA Check-in, wardens can start a drill in 3 ways:

Once you have selected the site or zone to evacuate, and pressed start, you'll see a QR code you can scan - to transfer the evacuation to your mobile device or share with other wardens.

When all your wardens are ready to go, press Open.

4. Clear the area

Wardens clear their areas and go to the muster points they’re responsible for.

5. Account for everyone

Wardens tick people off the EVA Check-in register. It doesn’t matter which warden or muster point, the list is updated in real-time.

Anyone who needs assistance is clearly identified.

6. Is anyone missing?

Once everyone at the muster points is accounted for, wardens can review the list to see if anyone is missing. Wardens can then broadcast SMS (see 1 above) or call individuals to confirm their whereabouts, directly from the evacuation list.

7. End evacuation and record notes

When the evacuation is complete, mark it closed. Use the notes section to record any people allowed to keep working during the drill and any issues/areas for improvement.

8. Report compliance

Run an evacuation report to demonstrate compliance and report results (eg to Fire & Emergency). 


Starting an evacuation or drill

There are 3 ways to start an evacuation:

Via the admin portal – on your desktop

  • Go to the Evacuation menu
  • Choose either site or zone and start the evacuation
  • You are presented with a QR code. Scan this with your phone camera to transfer the evacuation to your phone – or can continue using the portal

On your phone

  • Go to (we suggest you bookmark this if you are a warden)
  • Choose either site or zone and start the evacuation
  • You are presented with a QR code. If you are with another warden they can scan this QR code to share the evacuation duties. 
  • Else tap Open to start

Via the EVA Kiosk

  • Open the Kiosk settings by triple tapping bottom left and entering the device pin
  • Select Evacuation and choose the site or zone and start.
  • You are presented with a QR code.  Scan to transfer the evacuation to your phone (useful if the kiosk is secured in a stand) – or you can continue using the tablet

Multiple warden evacuations

On larger sites it is common to have multiple wardens coordinate the evacuation.

Drills (and real evacuations) can be completed much more quickly if multiple wardens can work together to account for people. With EVA evacuations, real-time sharing of status makes this process easy.

  • At the time of initiating an evacuation you are shown a QR code. Multiple wardens can scan this QR code to join the same evacuation 
  • If a warden is not with you at the time of initiation, you can send them a link to the evacuation (note they will need a login to EVA’s portal in order to access the link)
  • As people are accounted for, the evacuation list updates in real-time across devices

Communicating during an evacuation

  • You can send messages to all people in the evacuation using EVA’s broadcast messaging. SMS and push notifications are supported.
  • Pre-save messages in advance with instructions of where to go and what to do. Go to Site information > Options > On-site alerts > Ad-hoc alerts to do this.
  • Send messages to all, or only accounted or unaccounted for
  • Need to get hold of an individual? Tap the call button to call them directly (requires that you’ve collected their phone number at check-in and are running the evacuation on a device with calling capabilities)

Monitoring an ongoing evacuation 

Any in-progress evacuations can be monitored from This view is updated in real time – showing the number of accounted for as evacuations progress.

Ending an evacuation and restarting

  • Once you have finished evacuating you can tap End Evacuation and record whether it was a drill and any additional comments.
  • Any recently completed evacuations can be reopened from

Evacuation reports 

Analyse and share reports of your evacuations and drills

  • The EVA Check-in portal has a history of your evacuations. 
  • The summary includes site and zone, start and end times, whether it was a drill or not and totals for people accounted (and unaccounted) 
  • This can be exported to Excel (csv) as needed