Geofencing: Getting started

A guide to EVA Check-in's geofencing feature for automatic check-ins and check-outs.

Using geofences is a great way to improve staff check-in compliance and make their day a little easier. Staff who opt in are checked in automatically as they arrive at work - one less thing to remember!

Creating a geofence

To enable and set up your geofences, go to Site information > Geofences. Geofences are a paid add-on for EVA Check-In and are charged per site.

Select +Create geofence

Start typing to search for your site’s address and select the correct address. The map will centre on that address. Follow the popup hints.

Polygon (shown above): place cursor at a corner & then place further points around your intended geofence. Click on the starting point or Finish to close the polygon.

Circle: place cursor at the centre of the geofence. Click and drag to create your circle. Release when circle is required size.

The geofenced region must be 100m radius (circle) or 10,000 sq.m (polygon). If the region is red it’s too small, if green it's ok. Click edit if you need to make changes.

Enabling your geofence

When you’re happy with your geofence, assign it to a site or zone, and click save.

The geofence is now active and anyone checking in on their mobile app with our EVA Check-In app will be asked if they wish to be automatically checked in and out in future.

Rolling out automatic check-in

Once you’ve set up your geofences, you’ll need to let your team know how to use them.

To check in automatically, staff will need to download the free EVA Check-in app for iOS or Android:

They will also need to enable some location features on the app when prompted.

To make rollout easier, we’ve drafted an email template you can customise and use to introduce automatic check-in at your workplace, and answer frequently asked questions.

See also our troubleshooting article for solutions to common problems users face with geofencing

Introducing geofencing (auto check-in) to your team

Copy the suggested email content below & paste into your email body 

Replace <your location> with the location of your geofence – eg your office / site / premises
You may also wish to change the screen shots (optional), and other text to replace is highlighted

Subject: Do you sometimes forget to check-in (or out)? We’ve got a fix for that
Preheader: Automatically check-in (and out) at <your location> with new location features.

Email template - copy and paste into your email or other team communication channel

Our visitor management and staff check-in system EVA Check-in now includes location features that allow you to check in and out automatically.

Simply enable location features when prompted on the EVA Check-in mobile app [download for iOS or Android], and you won’t need to think about checking in to <your location> again.

That sounds like magic. How does it work?

Auto check-in is based on a geofence - a virtual boundary drawn around our location. The EVA mobile app tracks when you enter and exit the geofence.

How to enable this (for first time users)

  1. The next time you check in at  <your location>, use the EVA Check-in phone app (download for Apple or Android) to scan the QR code.
  2. You’ll then get prompted to enable location features. It’ll look something like the screenshots below. 
  3. Choose the Auto check in and out options. 
  4. Then follow the on-screen instructions and you’re all set.

Enabling the location features is slightly different across different operating systems.

What permissions does the app require?

The EVA Check-in app needs access to your location in the background so that it can detect when you arrive and leave. It also uses “Motion/Fitness” information to save battery life by only checking for location updates when you are on the move. The EVA Check-in app needs internet access to work (wifi or cellular). It does not require bluetooth.

Does EVA Check-in record my location?

The EVA Check-in mobile app doesn’t transmit your location to EVA Check-in server, just whether you entered or left the geofence. For more details, see the EVA Check-in privacy policy. The app logs recent location information locally on your phone for troubleshooting purposes. Only you can access and share this information. 

Is it compulsory?

No, you don’t have to use this auto check-in/out feature, you can still check in by scanning the QR code displayed at each office or using the kiosk.

It is, however, compulsory to check in – it helps us manage or health and safety obligations. Auto check-in just makes it easier. It’s one less thing to remember.

How accurate is it?

You might be used to seeing an accurate dot on a map in Google Maps. EVA relies on background location data which is both less accurate and less battery hungry. This means geofences around <your location> are generous (100m radius) and you may get check-in/out notifications several minutes after you arrive/depart.

Got some feedback or questions?

Email <support email address> to share your feedback or ask questions.Thanks in advance to those of you who give auto check-in a go – we hope you find it useful! 

<sign off>


Troubleshooting common geofence problems

The 3 most common reasons for auto-check in not working are

  1. You haven’t checked in using the app at least once
  2. Location services are set to “while using the app” or turned off 
  3. App offloaded

Check out our detailed troubleshooting guide for help resolving these and other geofence issues.