Images and files in EVA Check-in

You can upload image and PDF files for display and use in your check-in experience.

Uploaded files also get their own QR code, which can be printed for easy viewing/downloading of files. This can be useful for:

  • providing links to instruction manuals for office or site equipment - print your file's QR code on a sticker, and stick it on the equipment
  • paperless, always accessible documentation

Supported file types & sizes

  • PDF files - max size 75MB
  • image files (png, jpg, gif) - max size 5MB

How to upload files

❗️ Make sure that you are happy with the file name, as it can't be changed once uploaded

➕ Navigate to Overview > Files and click +Upload file

▶️ Files must be uploaded in this way before they can be used in EVA Check-in

Using files in EVA Check-in

There are several ways that files can be used to enhance the check-in experience

Add a feature image to your check-in kiosk

Upload first at Overview > Files

Recommended aspect ratio 16:9 (landscape) 9:16 (portrait)

Add images and files to your custom check-in process or on-site info

Files can be added to a process, screen or message wherever you see the add file button - 

When you click, you'll get the option to select from the files you've already uploaded.

Use files to display a map, site plan, diagram, procedure or other information as part of your check-in process. They can also be used in on-site forms & info.


Get QR for file

All files you upload in EVA Check-in get their own link and QR code. View and download the QR code for your file by clicking the QR icon:

You'll then see a preview of your file, as well as a QR code, a link to download it for printing, and, at the bottom of the page, a short link.


Download the QR code to print stickers or labels that you can attach to equipment, for easy access to relevant documentation, help guides, SOPs, instruction manuals and more.

You may wish to add a title or further info to your printed QR code, so it's clear what people should do with it (eg "scan me for instructions").

Change your linked file without changing the QR

It's possible to update the file your QR code links to, without changing the QR code. No need to re-print those stickers!

To do this, ensure that your new file has the SAME FILENAME as the file you want to replace, before you upload it.

So if your existing file is called "SWP-forklift.pdf" your new file also needs to have that name when you upload it. You can't change the name after upload.