Use webhooks to connect EVA Check-in to other systems.

By registering a webhook you can get notified of check-ins in near real time and send this to another system as needed.

EVA Check-In can call webhooks on pre-registration, check in, check out and on-site form submission. You can create these webhooks directly in the EVA Check-in portal.

EVA Check-in webhook information

  • Webhooks are sent as POST requests over HTTPS only.
  • Only the first active webhook in the list will be sent for each webhook event.
  • Your webhook endpoint will be tried for a maximum of 10 attempts with increasing delay before being dropped.
  • The webhook endpoint has 5 seconds to process the request and send a 200 response or it will be considered a failure.
  • Please ensure you handle duplicate events as we may send the webhook multiple times.

Example payloads

Example payloads are available in the EVA Check-in portal for:

  • Pre registration
  • Check in
  • Check out
  • On site form submission